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A really good cup of coffee

Delicious and a good story.

At Gys, we make many cups of coffee a day. Not only for the guests, but our colleagues love coffee too! Also, do you know what kind of coffee we serve? You will not taste the organic coffee at Gys anywhere else in Utrecht or the surrounding area. In fact, this one is roasted especially for us. It is a special coffee blend, with a special story! And we are proud of that! The coffee is a blend of 50% Colombian and 50% Guatemalan beans

Colombian coffee beans (50%)

The Colombian coffee beans come from the Asociación de Mujeres Cafetera Plan Mil, an association dedicated to women in the coffee industry. Many of these women are single mothers and came to the Serranía del Perijá subregion of Colombia as refugees. Thanks to the association and its partners, these women are now specialized coffee farmers who use advanced farming and processing methods to produce this excellent fully washed coffee.

Coffee from Guatemala (50%)


The Guatemalan coffee beans in the blend come from the Asociación Civil Comercializadora Maya Alternativa (COMAL), an organization known for its commitment to gender equality in coffee production. Nearly half of COMAL’s members are women, and the cooperative has established several programs to support women producers. This fully washed, Fairtrade and organic coffee comes from the programs COMAL has established and offers a delicious taste with notes of chocolate, berries and citrus.


At our place on the Voorstraat and the Amsterdamsestraatweg in Utrecht, you can taste this coffee blend, your favorite way. Do you like to drink a flat white with oat milk, a latte macchiato with almond-coconut milk or is your go-to coffee a cortado with cow’s milk? With us, you can choice all you want! And what’s a great cup of coffee without something delicious to go with it? Every gluten-free and vegan cake naturally tastes extra good over a cup of coffee!
Not only do you enjoy a truly delicious coffee blend with us, but you also support coffee farmers working to build a better future for themselves and their communities. A cup of coffee with a good story is what you enjoy with us!
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