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Loyalty Program

Receive a special birthday gift, earn points during your visits to Gys and redeem them for rewards!

At Gys, we are fond of our loyal guests who have played a crucial role in supporting our sustainability mission. Without our guests, Gys would not be where it is today! That’s why we created a loyalty program as a token of appreciation.

Here’s a taste of some of the experiences you can save up for:

  • Your favorite piece of cake!
  • Come and enjoy a cozy drink, savoring a snack platter and four drinks.
  • Share a three-course dinner with someone dear to you.
  • Learn to make the very best coffees during a latte art workshop for 4 people!
  • The ultimate prize: a week of breakfast, lunch and dinner at Gys for 2!

And many more exciting surprises to discover once you participate!

How does our loyalty program work?

Step 1: Click on the link and sign up

Through the link above, you can join our loyalty program at Gys. As a welcome gift, you will immediately receive a voucher for a delicious cup of coffee or tea to enjoy at Gys.

Step 2: Earn points at Gys

When you visit either of our two locations, simply show your Piggy QR code at checkout. This way, you collect points that you can later redeem for enjoyable experiences at Gys.

Step 3: Collected enough points?

Once you have accumulated enough points for the experience you would like to have, visit Gys and let us know what you would like to redeem. We will gladly exchange your points for the experience of your choice.

And is it your birthday? Then we have a special gift for you to enjoy with us!

Would you like to sign up for our loyalty program?

You can easily do so by clicking the button below. Don’t forget to enter your birthday so we won’t forget you on your special day!