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The story of Gys

Organic, plant-based and gluten-free comfort food at two locations in Utrecht.

About Gys

Organic, sustainable, but most importantly, delicious and cozy: these are the core values that inspired the founding of Restaurant Gys in 2014. Gys began in the vibrant center of Utrecht with its location on the Voorstraat. The following year saw the opening of a second location with a beautiful green terrace garden on Amsterdamsestraatweg Next year we can toast to already ten years of Gys. In other words, a decade of welcoming lovely guests, a friendly team, and an abundance of organic, plant-based, and gluten-free comfort food!

The team at Gys

Most important to Gys are the people. See here a selection of people from our fun team.

Gys is: spreading love for sustainable dining!
Gys has become a kind of second living room for me 😄
Gys for me is: experimenting to make even more delicious vegan and gluten-free cake!
The best part at Gys is the people and all the delicious food!
Gys for me is: lots of laughter!
Gys is home for me, but also a dream come true

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Partners of Gys

Everything you eat and drink at Gys is homemade. The products we use are certified organic and preferably produced locally. Some items are a little trickier to make ourselves, like our bread, fries or beer. For these products, we work with entrepreneurs who, like us, care about the impact of their business on the planet.

Below you can see some of the partners we work with:

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Gys 💚’s dogs
Bring your dog along to our restaurant for a cozy time 🐶
Celebrate Easter at Gys: Enjoy a Cozy High Tea Brunch
Come enjoy with us on Easter Sunday or Monday!
Eating out in Utrecht with a group
Cozy at Gys!
Special dining out on Valentine’s Day at Gys Utrecht.
Playing boardgames!
While enjoying a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake!
Working at Gys!
Our current vacancies!