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GYS loves comfort food. All our food is 100% organic, mostly vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. We’ve made it our mission to keep creating exciting new vegan classics, gorgeous gluten-free desserts and delicious real food that will keep your taste buds, the planet and your body happy. Getting hungry? Take a look at our menu’s! 

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Voorstraat Amsterdamsestraatweg
Young blond girl pours agave into vegan ice coffee in the sun, green healthy comfort food Poke bowl, colorful healthy plate of vegan food, organic comfort food

{100% organic comfort food}

Beautiful plates in a spread of healthy organic comfort food, colourful plates and colourful earthen ware A big stack of gluten free vegan pancakes with drizzly agave and banana's on top, sweet organic healthy food

Gys Voorstraat

Is the first GYS we opened in 2014, right in the heart of bustling Utrecht. This cozy and lively location is 100% organic. We serve vegan & vegetarian comfort food. This restaurant is a great place to catch up, grab a bite or meet new people. 

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Gys A'damsestraatweg

Was the second GYS we opened in 2015. This restaurant boasts a gorgeous green terras perfect for summer evenings and autumn chats. This restaurant is a lovely place to take your time and catch up just outside of the busy city centre. 

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beautiful terrace with vegan desserts and healthy food, green and gluten free
Young blond girl eats vegan chocolate pie at restaurant GYS, green and sunny

Restaurant Gys

Restaurant GYS is a 100% organic restaurant that specializes in vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free comfort food. We’re continuously creating exciting new vegan classics, gorgeous gluten-free desserts and delicious real food that will keep your taste buds, your body and the planet happy.

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Dinner at home

Bring 100% organic comfort food to your home with GYS take away. Click here for more info. 

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A bowl of healthy green salad, organic vegan food
chocolate and caramel vegan dessert with ice cream and peanuts on top Two glasses or white wine in the sun, cheers, healthy food

High Tea & Catering

Are you looking for something special? Whether you’re organizing a big event or you want to celebrate with something special; we got you covered. GYS offers everything from High tea to personalized catering made to perfectly match your event.

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Join the family

Are you passionate about 100% organic comfort food? Do you love vegan and vegetarian food and working within a hard-working and close-knit team? Check out our jobs!