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Gluten-free eating out with kids at Gys in Utrecht

At Gys, we love to welcome our youngest guests! And good news, children can also enjoy a specially created children’s menu that is not only delicious, but can also be served completely gluten-free! So does your child eat gluten-free? Our children’s menu is designed with the idea that food should not only be fun, but also very tasty and be able to meet dietary needs such as gluten-free. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we have delicious dishes ready for any time of the day!

Gluten-free breakfast and lunch options for children

At breakfast and lunch, little ones can choose our “Sunny Egg,” a fried egg with tomato corn and gluten-free bread! And what about the “Cookie Monster’s Breakfast”? Gluten-free hot custard with fresh fruit and coconut. But even the larger dishes such as the “Kapsalon” are completely gluten-free and can be ordered at lunch.

Enjoy dinner with our children's menu

When dinner arrives, it’s time for a real party! All dishes on our evening menu are always gluten-free. Try our “Tasty VeggieBalls” delicious vegetable balls served with carrots, a fresh salad and a delectable green sauce. And how about another twist on a classic favorite with our “Chicken Fingers but then slightly different”? Crispy fried oyster mushrooms with a fresh salad and extra flavorful mayo.

Sweet ending for little people with a sweet tooth

For dessert, we also thought of those with a sweet tooth! Try the “Cake of the Pastry Chef,” a delicious gluten-free cake with a scoop of ice cream. And then we have the “Cookie Monster’s Dessert” – which consists of gluten-free cookies with gluten-free cookie ice cream! Doesn’t that sound tasty!

A kid-friendly gluten-free dining experience at Gys

Our new children’s menu has been carefully crafted to introduce children to plant-based food in a fun and tasty way. At Restaurant Gys, we believe that eating healthy and gluten-free can be as delicious as it is fun. Want to know more about gluten-free food at Gys. Then click here.

Gluten-free food at Gys in Utrecht

You can find Gys in the center of Utrecht on the Voorstraat and in the cozy residential area on the Amsterdamsestraatweg. The Voorstraat is a somewhat busier location. Would you prefer a quieter dinner out where the kids can also have a little more space? Then we are happy to recommend Gys on the Amsterdamsestraatweg! Many games and other play opportunities are also available at this location.

At Gys, we look forward to welcoming you! We promise a feast for the taste buds and a smile on every face! See you soon!