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Gluten-free food at Gys

Do you have an intolerance, allergy or celiac disease?
Want to eat out gluten-free at a restaurant that is specialized in this? Come to Gys, with two locations in Utrecht (Voorstraat & Amsterdamsestraatweg). At Gys you eat 100% organic, plant-based and gluten-free! Do you have a gluten intolerance or allergy or celiac disease? Continue reading!

Gluten-free dining at Gys

At Gys, all dishes on the menu are in the essence gluten-free, except for those with bread. The dishes with bread are served by default with organic sourdough bread that contains gluten. The toppings of these dishes are gluten-free, though. However, we can also use gluten-free bread for people who can tolerate traces of gluten.
So the difference between a gluten-free and non-gluten-free dish is the bread. Unfortunately, because our kitchen incorporates non-gluten-free bread, we cannot make the claim to have a completely allergen-free kitchen. Traces of gluten may possibly end up in dishes because our non-gluten-free bread is baked in the same oven as other ingredients. (Our gluten-free bread is no longer baked in the oven in which our sourdough bread is also baked).
At Gys, we believe it is important for our guests to eat safely. Therefore, we are open and transparent about the preparation of our dishes, so that guests with intolerance, allergy or celiac disease can decide for themselves what they can or cannot eat.

Eating at Gys with celiac disease

For people with celiac disease or who cannot consume products from an oven that bakes non-gluten-free bread, we have options on the menu that we label as a “safer option.” Of these, none of the ingredients go into the oven during the mice and place.
At Gys, we take every allergy or illness seriously and do our best to prepare safe dishes. We employ hygienic measures, such as washing hands, using clean utensils and cleaning the kitchen worktop. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we cannot guarantee that our dishes are 100% free of traces of gluten.
We hope this information gives you clarity on gluten-free eating at Gys. If you would like to know more or have specific questions about intolerances, allergies or illnesses, or would like to see our allergen list, please feel free to email us at info@gysutrecht.nl. We are happy to help in any way possible!

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