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Eating sustainable at restaurant Gys in Utrecht

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Eat sustainably at restaurant Gys in Utrecht

At Gys, we think it’s incredibly important to be as sustainable as possible. Do you think it’s important to eat sustainably? And are you looking for a nice restaurant in Utrecht? Then Gys is the place for you!

In various ways, we strive to facilitate sustainable eating. Find out more below about the different methods we use to make sustainable eating possible!

Sustainable food at Gys

Firstly, all the food we serve is 100% organic, and apart from one dish, our menu is entirely vegan.

Our mission is to develop sustainable classics over and over again that will make your taste buds happy. In doing so, we try to use seasonal and local products as much as possible. So our menu changes regularly based on fruits and vegetables that are in season at the time. This way, you can enjoy sustainable dining at Gys in Utrecht!

Are you curious about what’s on our menu? Click here to see the current menu. Will you also come dine sustainably with us in Utrecht sometime?

Collaborations with sustainable partners

We also collaborate with various companies that have a strong focus on sustainability. For example, we collaborate with Udea. Udea is an organic wholesaler that supplies most of our products. They work with local farmers as much as possible, and for Udea, honest relationships and fair prices are key.

Additionally, we partner with Dapp, a Utrecht-based company that makes artisanal, organic fries and delivers them to us every morning by bike. Because of course, with sustainable food there should be tasty fries!

In addition we work together with Boerderij Landzicht Biologisch. A Dutch family business that focuses on 100% organic cultivation. Many of our fruits and vegetables come directly from their farm or partner farms. So delicious seasonal homegrown products!

Another noteworthy collaboration is with Budels Brewery, an organic, local brewery that produces their beers entirely climate-neutral and uses water from their own source. Besides sustainable eating, at Gys, you can also enjoy sustainable drinking! 😄

These are just a few of the partners we work with at Gys. Click here to see more. Thanks to these collaborations, you can enjoy sustainable dining with us!

Sustainable food in a sustainable environment at Gys in Utrecht

Not only is the food 100% organic, many materials in the restaurant such as the menus, tables, chairs, floor, etc. are all made from sustainable and/or recycled materials. We worked together with Lennard from Groengebouwd, a green furniture maker, during our renovation a while back. For example, the wood of the bar and tables comes from fallen trees, the walls are painted with eco paint and the floor is produced in a CO2 neutral way. Even the large artwork on our wall is made from recycled materials by Ralph Zabel.

Circularity at Gys

In addition to ensuring the sustainable origin of our products and interiors, we also strive to handle our waste in a sustainable and circular manner. We have been working with the Clique, a company that collects our residuals, for several years. That way, we separate coffee grounds, milk cartons, and unconsumed food from guests (fortunately not too much), and Clique picks this up a few times a week. Clique uses the coffee grounds to grow oyster mushrooms and makes hand soap from orange peels. In this way, we ensure that our waste is handled in a circular way, making food at our place more sustainable!

Our two restaurants in Utrecht are among the few in the country that focus on sustainable eating, and that’s what makes us so special. We were even nominated to win a Gaia Green Award to become the most sustainable restaurant in the Netherlands!

Come and enjoy sustainable food at Gys!

Does this make you curious? And are you up for a sustainable dinner at Gys in Utrecht? Click here to see our menu.

Indulge your taste buds and make a reservation for a tasty sustainable breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner in Utrecht! If you want to make sure there’s a table available when you stop by, you can easily make a reservation through our reservation module. We hope to welcome you soon to eat delicious sustainable food in Utrecht!